Must Visit Cities for Your Next Trip to Rajasthan

Did you know that Rajasthan was formerly known as Rajputana? It was even known as the land of the kings! This state is the largest one in India and is also located at the forefront of Indian civilisation. 

Rajasthan is a very popular travel destination among both foreign and Indian tourists. Most people feel that just visiting the state once is not enough. You need to go more than once to be able to enjoy its essence and see all that it has to offer. 

Since Rajasthan is a princely state, it has a stupendous display of art and architecture. The culture practised across the state is diverse the ancient temples created by kings years ago are a sight for sore eyes. 

You will be both surprised and happy to learn that Rajasthan has not one but 4 cities that are a must-visit. Even though there are more, you cannot say you have visited Rajasthan if you have not gone to the 4 cities listed below. 

For Your Next Rajasthan Trip! 


As most of you would already know, this is also known as the Pink City of India. However, what most of you would not know is that it has been given this name because most of the buildings are of distinctive saffron and pink colour. It is one of the most preferred locations in Rajasthan because of its artistic architecture and markets that sell beautiful jewellery at awfully cheap rates. This is also the largest city in the state of Rajasthan. Here are a few places you can visit in Jaipur – 

  • Hawa Mahal 
  • Nahargarh Fort
  • Albert Hall Museum 
  • City Palace
  • Amer Fort
  • Pink City Bazaar


This is the city of lakes. It is also famous for its numerous palaces that reflect the Rajputana Style of ancient times. The architecture is as old as thousands of years and such detailed work in buildings cannot be found anywhere else today. Most of the palaces have now been converted into hotels. The city is located at the foothills of the Aravalli Mountains. Here is what you do not want to miss out on in Udaipur – 

  • Bagore ki Haveli 
  • Jagdish Temple 
  • Lake Palace
  • Lake Pichola 
  • City Palace 
  • The Royal Vintage Car Museum


This is the second largest city in Rajasthan. It is also known as the Sun City since you get to enjoy the bright sun all around the year in Jodhpur. This is also the most important city in the state since it is only 250 kilometres away from the Indo-Pakistan border. Jodhpur has been listed in countless documentaries and magazines as an extraordinary place to visit. Here is what you need to see when in Jodhpur – 

  • Clock Tower 
  • Kailana Lake 
  • Mehrangarh Fort 
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace
  • Mandore Gardens 
  • Chamunda Mata Temple 


This city is at the heart of the Thar Desert. It is also known as the Golden City because of the view you get to witness during the day and especially during sunset. Jaisalmer is famous for its art and craft and unique architecture which also includes the largest fort in the world. It also has many famous eateries with multiple cuisines. Here is a list of where you can go in this city – 

  • Jain Temples
  • Jaisalmer Fort 
  • Sam Sand Dunes 
  • Bada Bagh 
  • Gadisar Lake
  • Thar Heritage Museum 

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